Content Age & Writer's Name On Rank Tracker

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Salman Kabir

I'm thinking about new essential features in Rank Tracker. Thinking about 2 new column in rank tracker.
One for "Content Age" and Another one for "Writer".

***In "Content Age" column, i can put the age of my content for that keyword. So, when i check my keywords rank, I will be able see that content's age and it will be helpful to decide should i wait more or should i work on that article.

***And in "Writer" column, i can put my writers name for each keyword. This will helpful to filtered out which writer is giving the best quality article.

1 year ago

Seodity User

How about this ?

Keyword Grouping or Tags would be useful for different use cases including this. With a filter using a keyword group/tags.

The way I see it working is that a user should first create tags or KW Group. Then assign the tag or KW Group (Multiple or Single) to a specific keyword using a drop down or search option.

Show all the tags and groups on top so with one click you can see all the keywords assigned to those. (Could be a filter).

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