Content Exploring Filters Not Working as Expected

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Mr Epic

In the Content Exploring feature of SEOdity, there seem to be issues with the keyword filtering functionality. Inputs such as keywords and filters are not returning the correct results.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Navigate to the Content Exploring section in SEOdity.
  • In the "Keywords" field, try to input any word (e.g., "garden").
  • Apply other filters as necessary.

Expected Result:

  • The system should filter the content based on the inserted keyword and/or filters applied.

Actual Result:

  • The system does not filter the content based on the input keywords. It seems to only accept numerical inputs in the keyword field and disregards letter-based inputs.

Severity: High - This bug significantly affects the functionality and user experience of the Content Exploring feature.


  • This issue needs urgent attention as it directly impacts the user's ability to effectively use the tool for SEO purposes.

8 months ago

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