Enhanced Export Options in Keyword Research and Organic Traffic Sections

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Mr Epic

I am an avid user of your platform and greatly appreciate the features and insights it offers for SEO management. However, I have a feature request concerning the export limit currently set on the platform.

In the Organic Traffic and Keyword Research sections, I have found that the export functionality is limited to a maximum of 100 rows at a time. As a user who often works with large datasets and extensive keyword lists, this limitation can add significant time and effort to my workflow.

I understand the possible reasons behind this limit, such as preserving server resources or avoiding data overload for users. However, I believe an enhancement here could greatly benefit users who need to export more substantial data sets.

Hence, I kindly request that you consider adding a feature that allows users to select and export all rows or a custom selection of rows from these sections of the platform. This feature could be made optional for users who are dealing with a larger number of keywords or data rows, to preserve server resources for those who don't need this feature.

The addition of this feature could drastically improve the user experience and efficiency for users like myself, and likely many others who handle more extensive keyword and traffic data.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the continuous improvement of SEOdity.

Best Regards

8 months ago


Hi Marcin and Epic,

I wanted to express my gratitude to Epic for creating the wishlist feature. SEODity has been a valuable tool for my work. However, Currently, the export limit is set at 100, which can be quite restrictive for my needs.

I recall discussing this matter in the early days with Marcin, but unfortunately, the export limit function has not been implemented yet. Having a higher export limit would greatly enhance our productivity and streamline our workflow.

I kindly request that Marcin consider removing the export limit on keywords and backlinks. This adjustment would greatly benefit our work and make it much more efficient.

There's already a feature request on the wishlist that has received 26 upvotes. I upvoted 10 months ago as well. Here's the link: https://roadmap.seodity.com/p/export-keywords-Wgl5ud

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Best regards,

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