Expand tables with data to actual count of rows

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it would be a greater experience when the rows with the data are viewable without scrolling down in an iframe like experience. It is okay to scroll right, but it would just be better to see all keywords, backlinks and so on immediately and don't have to scroll down.

Also the limit should be adjustable in the settings. For example keywords always set to 15 keywords and then I have to change that to 50 or 100 instead. But I would prefer it to see already 50 or 100 at first glance.


7 months ago


Better that 100 be seen directly, since 50 is very very little. There should be another possibility to show "ALL".

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6 months ago


This change should be very easy to accomplish.

Just change the CSS of the class .jeflud:
Delete the height: 650px and change it instead to display: block.

Then the table should be displayed on the full height.

I just tried it and it is so much better.

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Absolutely! Should remember the last setting. I choose 50 - so everytime i open it, it should start with 50. Also the width should be adjustable to fullscreen to see more details.

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