Improve adding keywords for multiple locations in a single project

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Currently the "add keywords" dialog only supports a single location for adding new, suggested keywords to a project.
In order to set multiple locations for a keyword, one has to add the keyword(s) for a particular location, after which the dialog closes. Then reopen the "add keywords" dialog, select a different location and add the keyword(s) again for that location.
Another workaround is to add the keywords for a particular location, then change the location and manually enter the same keywords again.

While this works, it is obviously not the most user friendly experience.
Instead, it would be nice if one could set multiple locations at once in the "add keywords" dialog so that all entered/selected keywords will be added for all set locations

In the attached image you can see I added a keyword for "Brussels BE - dutch" location but when I then change the location to "Brussels BE - English" the keyword is marked as already added, so I can't add it again for the new location (unless I enter it manually)

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