Mark links as disavowed and generate a disavow links file

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Would be great to have the ability to check backlinks and then have the ability to click a checkbox on each link and have the ability to disavow that link. And that link will be marked as "disavowed" and than you have the ability to download a disavow file which you then can upload to Google Search Console (

1 year ago

Marcin Pastuszek changed status to πŸ’ͺ Now available

10 months ago

Grzegorz Graczyk changed status to πŸ›  Planned

10 months ago


i would not recommend this like this. marking them one by one makes no sense for sites with hundrets or thousands of negative backlinks.

a far better solution would be to be able to upload a file or copy paste disavow file data to get all already disavowed links marked in one step.

competitor tools have this implemented as well and is a huge time saver.

i would not create disavow files inside tools, better to do this manual in a texteditor and than upload it in the tools.

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