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21 April 2023

custom background of PDF report

💪 Now available


When you make a pdf report and use your own logo, then the logo is placed in the left corner of the pdf, on top of a very dark background. When you use a white background in your logo, this does not look professional.
I would like to have a lighter background
the possibility to upload your own jpg image, so that the cover page of the pdf report shows more professionally.


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19 September 2022

Choosing the name of crawler

💪 Now available


Sometimes it is necessary to recognize Seodity's crawler. That's why we will add

Marcin Pastuszek

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02 September 2022

Expand tables with data to actual count of rows

💪 Now available



it would be a greater experience when the rows with the data are viewable without scrolling down in an iframe like experience. It is okay to scroll right, but it would just be better to see all keywords, backlinks and so on immediately and don't have to scroll down.

Also the limit should be adjustable in the settings. For example keywords always set to 15 keywords and then I have to change that to 50 or 100 instead. But I would prefer it to see already 50 or 100 at first glance.



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