Categories in Rank Tracker

💪 Now available
Marcin Pastuszek

You will be able to categorize your tracked keywords.

7 months ago

Marcin Pastuszek changed status to 💪 Now available

3 months ago


awesome. please also think of an additional automatic tagging, like for search intent. (commercial if it contains "buy", "shop",... or
informational if it contains "how to, "definition" and so on.)


2    3 months ago    Reply

Paul Purczel

This is a great feature. I have had an antranks subscription for years, and this feature is extremely useful especially for larger sites with hundreds of keywords related to various different services.

1    4 months ago    Reply


That will be great! Thanks

0    5 months ago    Reply


Best add a way to add notes to the keywords you want to track. that would be great. thanks.

1    5 months ago    Reply


In addition to the categories, that would be great

0    5 months ago    Reply


It should be possible to add tracked keywords to a single cluster/category or keyword tagging can be enabled.

2    6 months ago    Reply


Very useful, thank you.

1    7 months ago    Reply

Marcin Pastuszek changed status to 🛠 Planned

7 months ago

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