Improve the Backlinks Report

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It would be great if you could add the:

-Ability to filter the type of backlinks by DoFollow - Nofollow (to be able to hide)
-Ability to See the Backlinks to the URL Level and Folder level instead of only to the domain level
-Ability to See the number of Referring per page of the websites
-Ability to see more than 50 Backlinks / Keywords per page, it's not enough
-Ability to download all the Backlinks or Keywords data you have in 1 file instead of only the 25 or 50 currently displayed on the screen

5 months ago


great ideas. i think the most important is the higher number of backlinks (now only 50)

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It would be nice if the backlinks are grouped by domain and if you click on the respective domain, then all related backlinks are displayed.

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