On-Page SEO Analyzer

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The current SEO audit is a good first step to identifying technical issues with the website.

What is missing is an actual SEO analyzer on a per page basis.

We need a way to select pages from the site (they should be automatically listed - since they have been already discovered by the onsite audit) and indicate what keyword we are trying to rank the page for.

The analyzer would indicate thins like:

  • current SERP position for that page.
  • tips to improve ranking (add keyword to title, URL, etc)
  • ability to export report to share with client.

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This would be a very good improvement.

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WDF IDF Content Analyzer like Seobility or Xovi uses would be cool

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Seodity User

I actually wrote an email asking for this. Having a website on page analysis is great. However, Seo work is done page by page, so this makes more sense and is a must for every seo tool.

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