Graph Historic Evolution for Organic and Paid Traffic Keywords

💪 Now available

Add a Graph historic evolution of both organic and paid Keywords like you do for backlinks.
This is very useful to check the SEO Health of a domain and it received a Google Penalty

If you do this, the more historic data, the better

Illustrative image:

1 year ago

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5 months ago

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5 months ago


It is very useful to look at historical data on paid traffic for competitive analysis as well.

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Graph Historic Evolution was available earlier, why has it disappeared, when can we expect it to return?

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Yep, that's needed and would be awesome!

With this you can also see how a domain is going, how do google updates change the visibility of the domain etc. Maybe also mark Google updates in the graph with the name and a little explanation about the update.

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Nice, I hope developer sees your comment to give him the conviction to implement it.

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